Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hadn't listened to In Rainbows in a while, just listened to it straight through this morning. I listened to it a looooott when it first came out and not infrequently for several years after; wanted to check back in on an old friend and see how it was doing.

"Fifteen Step" and "Reckoner" and "Weird Fishes" are still all great; I think they're the only three that I've heard as singles out in the world. "Weird Fishes" had a lot of rotation at chipotle near the end of grad school. "Bodysnatchers" was on a file that got corrupted or lost or something when I'd first downloaded the album in '07, so it still sounds very foreign to me, not part of how I think of the album. Still a nice song though. Something about the square-wavy timbre of the distortion or the rising melody of the guitar part keeps reminding me unaccountably of Freezepop's "less talk more rokk". "Jigsaw Falling into Place" has the same precise anxiety in the percussion that I love about "Weird Fishes".

"Nude" is where the lyrics are most unmysteriously phrased but somehow still feel like they're hiding something. "Don't get any big ideas / they're not gonna happen", says a voice that is to my ears still more weirdly joyful than dismissive --- as if the phrase is a defiant (but half-believed) quotation of the discouragers by the discouraged, scare quotes fluorescently equivocating on and off.
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