Jason (jcreed) wrote,

YouTab is pretty impressively good at inferring chord progressions from youtube audio. It really makes me feel like I'm living in the future.
There's this chiptune "Earth's Assault on the Central AI" whose harmonic motion in the chorus I really, really like, and it turns out (see
https://www.youtab.me/music/8ufqu61GXKw/tettix/earths-assault-on-the-central-ai) that it's not actually that exotic.

    E B   D# F#
    E G#m D# F#/A#

which, assuming we live in B, which I feel confident saying that we do here, comes out to
    IV I  III V
    IV vi III V

What to make of this? The IV leading into the I is perfectly normal, and the I to the III is slightly jarring, but it's a dissonance I've learned to like a lot. What really blows my mind is the transition from the III to the V; I'm used to the the III either leading to the IV (Pixies, "Wave of Mutilation") or something like the vi with a nice walking bass-line (like: C, E7/B, Am).

Then again, it's sensible for the V to connect to the IV that's coming up in a nice 9th-through-11th-bars-of-the-bluesy V-IV-I motion, but my ear doesn't know that yet. So, Idunno, I'm impressed by how well it all hangs together. It feels harmonically... I don't know how to describe it except as wtf-but-wow-okay-I-guess-so. In some inexplicable way the two repetitions of the III-V seem very different-sounding in their different contexts following the I or vi.

Anyway, also, the intro of the song appears to be
    ii I III iii

which is just the chorus with the relative minor substitutions applied to the IV and V. Which still on the face of it seems pretty out-there. I never expect to see a III and iii in the same song, much less right next to each other.
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