Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Top few most-occurring-tags so far are thoroughly unsurprising:

drawing: 653
music: 332
category theory: 240
fonts: 131
focusing: 83
token-passing: 57
labelled deduction: 56
conlanging: 33
rewriting systems: 33
hybrid logic: 31
logic: 31
topology: 31
linguistics: 30
hlf: 30
explicit substitutions: 30
irrelevance: 30
linear logic: 28

the numbers are "number of pages on which I decided to apply this tag". So it's just a rough count; a modest doodle might score a point for "drawing" just the same as a full-page illustration. I had a very hard time categorizing the math, since one topic blurred into another quite frequently.
Tags: journals

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