Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lately finished reading the homestuck archives, which I feel sorta conflicted about. I started reading it mostly just because it's a Thing that seemed to keep coming up, and I enjoy understanding Cultural Things if for no other reason than to understand the role they play relative to other Cultural Things. On the one hand I find it very impressive that so much effort went into it with the flash games and music (some of which is great) and what not. On the other hand, I'm not sure how much I enjoyed it (or at least most of it) as a narrative. The bits at the beginning felt cute and formally structured in an enjoyably playful way, and the end is clearly building up to something, but the early-middle was such a long slog of confusion and randomness and time-travel and pesterlog-textual-affectations and ugh.

My single favorite panel I think might be on the subject of leprechaun romance. Sadly for the comprehension of anyone not having already slogged through the archives, I like it because it depends so thoroughly on the preceding context of the comic up to that point. So maybe I have to give credit to the technique of having such a huge mass of tangled expository stuff after all, because it makes jokes like that possible.
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