Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So after doing a bunch of reading about general graphics stuff yesterday, this article about doing erosion simulation on the gpu is making more sense.

Separately, I was trying to understand how he was special-casing the ambient occlusion computations given that he was working with a heightmap rather than a more general scene, and in the course of looking around for stuff accidentally found this other page that is like "LOL JUST DO A HIGH PASS".

And, dang, it actually looks pretty decent! Here's a before-and-after:

The former is just a heightmap of north america from over here with gimp's "emboss" applied to it, and the latter is that same emboss multiplied with a level-adjusted version of heightmap - gaussian_blur(heightmap). Really makes the lakes and rivers pop out nicely.


Found some entertaining things at ponies and lights where they convert the endianness of a giant image file by using... the audio processing tool sox.
Tags: graphics, maps

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