Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Returned the library books.

Made some more sort-of-progress on the statement of purpose,
but it's still mostly only in note/outline form. Looked around
the web a bit for advice, and only came up with really, really
horrible example essays and truisms.

I got all the recommendation letter forms printed, though.
Should probably start handing them out to, uh, recommenders soon.
Also did some more of the crappy online application things.

Stephen Notley wasn't the only one to be amused by invisible cows:

Looking over Steve and Andrej's Propositions as [Types] paper,
it looks like it doesn't suffer from the same bug as Frank's,
but it's still not equivalent to the fixed-Frank's, I think.
The difference being that you can define functions (A -> [B]) -> C,
but there doesn't seem to be any irrelevant-*typing*
(instead of irrelevant *types* as Steve has) version of that.
Unless perhaps A -> [B] is equivalent to [A -> B], perhaps?
Dubious at best.

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