Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tootling about in downtown chicago today. An Edward Gorey exhibit at the loyola university art museum, very nice. I was slightly shocked to see a biographical wallblurb recounting that Gorey apparently (a) hated doing hand-lettering (b) hated drawing wall-paper (c) in adulthood, basically only ever drew for specific jobs he had to get done for books, never just for fun/for himself. Definitely not how I pictured him.

We went to the field museum and saw some good dinosaurs and doofy-looking mammal skulls and native american pottery and sculpture things and a special exhibit on the chicago world's fair which was okay, but I was hoping for more ephemera and graphicky things.

Saw millenium park and The Bean. I didn't realize how it made a bunch of *repeated* distorted reflections when you look up at it from underneath. Made me feel like I was living in some weird Escherian hyperbolic space.

Dinner with my sisters and K at Giordano's to get some above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats authentic chicago pizza. It was better than I'd remembered it actually.
Tags: travel

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