Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Drove down to Chicago. There was a bit of construction around Rockford, which slowed us down a little since they dropped the speed limit to 45, but the traffic wasn't so terrible. Tried to meet my sister at the Navy Pier children's museum, (where she'd brought my niece) but the traffic around it WAS terrible so we ended up just chatting a bit at the McDonald's below it.

Drove back up to Evanston, got some lunch at "Cross-Rhodes", a hole-in-the-wall Greek place (super tasty, 5/5, would recommend) hung out at my sister's apartment for a couple hours hoping to again get some niece time in, but she was sick and super pooped. So, eh, whatever. Was happy to have some time just to spend with my sister while niece snored adorably nearby.

Thought about seeing something second-city-ish, but lost the ambition after reckoning how long it'd take to train all the way down and back. Had some tea and japanese food for dinner, went back to the hotel.
Tags: travel

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