Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Got a little work done on my LinLog project.
General recursive types are a little annoying syntactically.

Went to dinner at Mark Stehlik's. People I knew there
were Martin, Drew Hoskins, Frances Ning (to whom
a year or three ago I tried to sell a Linear
Algebra book I had already sold, I think :)
Evan Chang and Ana Ramirez. The food was quite good
(turkey, potatoes, rice with peas and bacon (!),
glazed carrots, rolls) and the conversation was
pretty amusing. In particular we swapped lots
of Rudich and Kesden stories.

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    Went to AIR for screenprinting tonight, with the generalists. Result: happy dork, in a shirt. (derived from slide 119 of this guy)

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    Screenprinting Tuesday! The image's link leads to more commentary, larger images, and the embarrassingly bad print I made last week.

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    Screenprinting Tuesday! I went with martinivixen this week. She made: and I made: Made a few mistakes still, but they're different…

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