Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"major seven chords because why not" - pretty much what it says on the tin (♥)
"green tea goo" - omg I-V-vi-IV how do you never get old no matter how many times I hear you (♥)
"fickle"- this doesn't have any clear harmonic ideas but was fun anyway.
"delancey/essex" - I like the tension in the repeated IV-V-I-vi bits. the II-V turnaround seems a little too... much, of something. The frantic pace of the drums is nice.
"limted time offer"
"walk through dust" - actually put some diminished chords to good use here, which I normally find hard. G-Eb-G/D-C#dim-C-Adim-G/B-[Dsus D]. I think it belongs with a scrolling intro wall of text for a game or something. (♥)
"train traffic ahead"
"923" - more fun with the funny melodic scales.
"hdmi" - feels kinda mega-man-ish. (♥)
"morning run" - the harmonies worked out nice here, the drums are a bit too much, though. Melody in the last four bars is good.
"carrot farming"
"on-call at 3am" - BLECH (☠)
"emigration" - Sorta Gm-D5-Cm-Gm? Surprisingly satisfying. (♥)
"told you so"
"hairpin" - nothing complicated here, just I-IV-V-I, but some fun fiddling around with 16th notes.
Tags: beepbox

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