Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tried to look into less and/or gulp and/or grunt just because I wanted to coordinate some static data across css and javascript in a little project. Displeased by how complicated it seems to be to do what seems like a simple thing.

If all I wanted was to run less to to be able to declare some named colors in one place and use them elsewhere, gulp would be fine. But I also wanted to have that @import-ed .less file to be automatically generated by a little javascript file. (which I could then also call from other js to use the same named colors) I thought, ok, fine, I will just write a "gulp plugin" to do that. But I had a hell of a time trying to determine (excuse my fancy type theorist terminology) the fucking type of a gulp plugin. Ultimately I had something that seemed to kind of work but was vulnerable to mysterious maybe-concurrency problems, as it seemed to be that gulp was trying to run the generate-css-from-less process at roughly the same time as the generate-less-from-js-static-data. Sometimes. Maybe.

And I wouldn't be so uncertain about this if the source code to less wasn't distributed across three squillion different library dependencies in three squillion different little tiny github repositories, making it completely possible but extremely annoying to read.

So I just gave up and wrote a short standalone script with fs.watch to just do what I wanted in a dumb way. But it's no longer than the original non-working gulpfile anyway.
Tags: gulp, javascript, programming

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