Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had plans to make lamb rogan josh and some sort of cakey things with K but I arrived home this evening to find the apartment with no heat and no electricity. Baaaalllllllls.

We ended up eating over at awash anyhow which I regret not at all. Then watched the lego movie, which, just as I'd heard, was actually surprisingly funny and even poignant near the end. And it wasn't even a simple moral of "following instructions and coloring inside the lines bad, free-wheeling creativity good" (which would have been just fine) but an even subtler message that left room for both planning/directions-following and spontaneity. The visuals were just great, sweeping brickly vistas of canyons, and cute water effects, and smudgy, scratchy closeups of the plastic itself. There were a couple of goofy-as-fuck Michel Gondry-esque moments with sound effects blatantly coming from human mouths that I really enojyed. (8/10)
Tags: apartment, movies

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    migraine or flu or something? Felt very headachey and basically napped the whole day way.

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    Woke up early feeling more or less great, went to work, got about a half an hour in and acquired a massive migrainey headache, went back home and was…

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    Still feeling sick somehow, napped most of the evening away.

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