Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More collected beepbox:

"ironing board"
"dulce de leche" since I liked what chrisamaphone was doing with flat-envelope drums. Also I could pretend that the upward off-glide at the end of each melodic phrase wasn't a dumb rip-off of Tegan & Sara's "Closer" but... no, it is. (It's weird that I hated that song for exactly that feature the first couple times I listened to it, and now it seems essential and great...)
"fast path"
"cognitive dissonance". I like how the walk-down-the-minor-scale bassline works.
"dense subset". Not so sure about the melody here, but had fun with the drums.
"constructive witness". Pretty happy with this overall.
Another classical "cover": adapting the (imnsho) best harmonic motion of beethoven's "piano concerto no. 5 adiago un poco mosso"
Tags: beepbox

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