Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More collected beepbox:

"weekend trains", another love letter to the I-iii-IV progression, pretty happy with this one
"trampoline level", meh
"just missed", based off some elements of a beat by @VirtualClint. I really like the melody in the 1-2 patterns in the lead, especially how the arpeggiation fits right in and feels like a melodic ornament. It's one of those melodies that's so satisfying that it makes me wonder if I've already heard it somewhere and am just recapitulating it. Dunno. Last time that happened it was Holst's "Jupiter", though.
"ouais", another fun dancey one. There's some gorillaz song that I'm semiconsciously alluding to in the last two beats of yellow pattern 5, aren't I? I can't remember which one though.
"no amount of complaining". Doodling around on a harmonic minor scale. I like the... whining (?) sort of sound in patterns 1,5 in the lead.
Tags: beepbox, music

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