Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tried going ice skating with K down at the new rink that opened up in the south-east corner of Prospect Park. I wanted to enjoy it, really I did (and I got in a few go-rounds at least) but the skates they had to rent there were *awful*. The bits of my ankles that stuck out were killing me within 15 minutes from lack of padding, and I tried trading in my skates for different ones twice, and got (a) a pair that caused stabbing pain in my toes instead and (b) a pair whose laces were so worn down I couldn't tighten them at the top.

And then K fell down in the roughed-up un-zamboni'd ice and hurt her knee and neck. So... ugh. It was worth a shot anyway.

On the plus side, the walk there (from the ft. hamilton expy F/G train stop across the bottom of the park) was really pretty with the lake all frozen over and misty, with various birds puttering around. Also we got some barbecue in fort greene ("the smoke joint", brisket sandwich) afterwards that was tasty.
Tags: food, skating

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