Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Watched "The Fountain". Had pretty high hopes for it, and they were mostly dashed. The visuals of the future bits were nice, but I'd pretty much seen the extent of them already in the trailer. The overall reincarnatey many-threads-one-story schtick was fine, but I felt like Cloud Atlas did a better job of it. The dialogue was reeeeally janky, especially when they got to talking about anything remotely sciencey. (3/10)

Before that K suggested chicken paprikash for dinner, on the basis that I would probably like the nokedli (basically the same thing as Spätzle, little egg-based drop-pasta things) that traditionally go with it, because I am known to like squishy starchful things. TURNS OUT I DID, big surprise. They were fun and easy to make, too. Chicken with lots of paprika on it is also great.
Tags: food, movies

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