Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had christmas eve dinner over with K's family.

Apparently the festivities of Polish Catholic christmas (a) take place on christmas eve (b) involve much fish. There was both herring in sour cream, and baked carp. Plus barszcz with mushroom uszka, and some pierogi, and I was full very fast.

K had gotten a board game "Kolejka" from her uncle, so we all played through it. It's kind of a... well, it could be thought of as a counterweight to the way Monopoly was meant to teach The Youths about the excesses of capitalism. In it you have to stand in line for goods to arrive (or maybe not arrive) in stores, and there's an entire phase of the turn sequence called "Queue Jumping", in which you play cards that either push you head (because, e.g., you're a mother with a sympathy-machine baby) or push others behind (because, e.g. they were speaking ill of the authorities). Good times.

It has me convinced that the country of Kolechia in "Papers, Please" (which is, of course, all about people standing in line) might have been named as a subtle reference to the Polish word "Kolejka" ("Queue"), but nothing on the internet backs me up on this suspicion.
Tags: holidays

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