Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Here is another little javascript game thing I made over the last week since ludum dare:

It was pleasant to operate free of the theme and time constraints.

If you have difficulty understanding what to do in the game, some hints:
1) the only time a cell in game world is ever updated is when you walk onto it, and what happens to it is influenced by its four immediate neighbors
2) several things only have an interesting behavior if their four neighbors are "clear"

Thanks to tom7 for the time I saved by swiping the javascript sequencer from his ld28 game. I think I'd like to rewrite my own from scratch at some point, but it's nice to know that html5 audio has got enough adoption to be usable. I'd also like to thank Western Music In General for letting me just slap down some cliche Am-F-Em-G Am-F-Em-G C-G-Am-F C-G-Am-E7 chord progression and call it a tune.

(If you have any questions or find any bugs, ESC should display a complete transcript of moves you made which would be helpful for my debugging efforts)
Tags: games, javascript

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