Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Cantor Set day! (I suppose 2000.2.2 and 2000.2.20
were also) Bleah, neural nets homework took forever.

Possible, more meaningful terminology for CB categories:
term being CB as being 'short'; Epimorphisms splitting
or not is a rough measure of how much 'horizontal' structure
a category has, and what I've been calling CB-ness seems
to be possibly independent of epimorphisms splitting
(at least in bStruct, epis don't split, and yet it's CB.
I'm not sure if you can have non-CB with epis splitting)
and specifically it's a measure of how much 'vertical'
recurrent structure is possible. Hence, a CB category
lacks rich vertical structure, and might be
reasonably called 'short'.

I wonder if someone's written a book not just on the
simple history of mathematical notation and
terminology, but something strongly focusing on -why-
notations and terminologies came about the way they

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