Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Well, the honeymoon of being excited about being back in new york is over, I guess. A huge trailer (possibly associated with some filming for something near my street?) has been loudly idling/revving-up/revving-down/making pffft pffft noise with its engine for the last hour or so (4am-5am) directly outside my bedroom window. I did a pro forma 311 noise complaint, but who knows if that does anything.


ahahahah 3 minutes? Really? Wow, that's a lot stricter than I thought.


Ahhh it finally died down slightly around 6:45. Then at 7 I got an email:

"The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time."


Apparently the movie is "While We’re Young", starring Ben Stiller. That's kind of exciting, I guess? Except for the missing several hours of sleep part?
Tags: noise

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