Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Drove up to the city, met with dr4b and gwillen and a handful of other friendly, nerdy sort of people they'd just done some puzzle event with. Got some tasty mission burritos, went back to dr4b's new place and played some Ricochet Robot. In trying to explain the nature of the game to the people that hadn't played it before, Set naturally came up, and dee pointed out she'd inherited the old hyper-set deck that christine moeller (I think?) had made back in the day by taking three Set decks and coloring the edges with highlighter. Brought back some fond Beeler house memories from the early 2000s.

After that had some pizza over at moira and andy's place with copic and spoons also attending. Super nice to catch up with all those people too. I am forced to grudgingly accept that there is some pretty ok pizza on the west coast after all.
Tags: food, games, social
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