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K and I playing Fez cooperatively has resulted in "victory" in that we got 32 cubes and got through the 32-cube door, but I think we've run out of patience for all the little fiddly secret bits everywhere. And do I feel like playing through "New Game+" all over again? Not really.

I feel conflicted about it, because on the one hand, I feel it's a really great basic gimmick, and it's exploited in lots of neat ways, but too many of the puzzles just aren't fun. Or they aren't fun enough, or satisfying enough when solved, to make the effort solving them seem worthwhile. Navigation around the world seems needlessly difficult, and the 3d map you get is almost unusable (albeit visually cute and stylistically consistent) once it gets heavily populated. I don't see what harm would come from making it 2d. I don't even really see what would be lost in terms of gameplay if you just allowed direct warping to any already-explored part of the map, instead of forcing the "oh is this the right door to go through to go in that direction on the map" tedium every time.

The basic language-and-number puzzles seem like they should be right up my alley, but aesthetically I find the alternate-alphabet used to be really cringeworthy. On the one hand, yeah, it's pixels and it looks cool and pixelly in a pixelly world, but come on did you really have to pull a Tengwar and so many letters the same as each other only rotated or flipped?

Similarly, the fact that the number system's internal logic leads to ambiguous representation is... ugh.

That being said, the scene with the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog next to the ciphertext pangram saying exactly that was adorable. I liked that a lot.

I think I decisively don't regret buying it/playing it --- the good bits are very, very good --- but it leaves me feeling jerked around somehow.
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