Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ugggggh had a minor but false-alarm heart attack when I woke up to find my phone's URGENT EMERGENCY ALERT app telling me
Manhattan, NY AMBER Alert UPDATE: LIC/GEX1377 (NY) (1995) Tan Lexis ES300

Alert type:
AMBER alert

Severity: Severe
Significant threat to life or property

Urgency: Immediate
Responsive action should be taken immediately

Alert response type: Monitor
Attend to information sources

and I am like WHAT THE HELL KIND OF THING HAS JUST HAPPENED WHAT DO ALL THESE MYSTERIOUS SYMBOLS AND LETTERS MEAN and all kinds of worst-case scenarios are going through my head because it's like five thirty in the morning and I am not the most rational having just woken up and finally I drag myself over to google and...

It's about a child abducted by a noncustodial parent, which is maybe somewhere in the five boroughs by now, since the abduction took place last night. And it's in a tan Lexus ES300, which, you know, is a kind of car that the police are interested in finding.

Urgh. I know this is a bad situation for the kid, but in a city of eight million people maybe doing crimes some fraction of the time, I have this sense that doing uninformative, misspelled push notifications to everybody's cell phone at 3:51am hours after a crime has taken place is maybe not the best approach.


Wow, apparently I am late to the party. Specifically amber alerts have been a feature of some phones in some regions for well over a year apparently? And have been similarly confusing people all the while? I mean, I get URGENT FLASH FLOOD WARNING every time it rains rather heavily, and I've learned to not panic at those, but these are new to me.

I'm fascinated by the discussion around it. The "it's for saving the children" angle gets people's emotions up, apparently? People saying, quote, "if y'all don't know what a amber alert is by now you should be ashamed." Why is that, exactly? How could I possibly have made a decision to find out about a program that I don't know exists?
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