Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Aha, I figured out a super short definition of S∞ and proof of its contractibility during breakfast:

{-# OPTIONS --without-K #-}

open import Base
import Spaces.Suspension

module Spaces.SInf where

data S∞ : Set where
   # : Spaces.Suspension.suspension S∞ → S∞

open Spaces.Suspension S∞

reach-north : (y : S∞) → y ≡ # north
reach-north (# y) = ! (ap # (suspension-rec (λ x → north ≡ x) refl (paths (# north))
                      (λ x → trans-cst≡id (paths x) refl ∘ (ap paths (reach-north x))) y))

S∞-is-contr : is-contr S∞
S∞-is-contr = # north , reach-north


Oh, hm, it has a termination violation, because agda can't tell that things decrease, even though I know they do. Bummer.
Tags: hott, math

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