Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Even after all these years I will accidentally play a harmless innocent F# chord and then feel an urge, without knowing quite why, to play a Gmaj7, and then immediately NEED TO HEAR PYRAMID SONG RIGHT NOW. Dang that song is still so magical. It's like, what, over a decade old now? It makes me feel nostalgic and nervous in a way I love, like I am about to wake up from something that I won't remember or ever discover the ending of, like a huge plot twist that's been building up for years is seconds away and the power goes out.

Also I cannot even come close to playing it, because fuck that rhythm. Stupid mumble grumble black magic there is no way that's really 4/4. Except it is. At least to the extent that 3+3+4+3+3/16 is 4/4.
Tags: music

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