Jason (jcreed) wrote,

That Shivers/Might transducers paper that chrisamaphone linked to is still sinking in. I kinda lean towards thinking that some of the tranducer combinators can be implemented in terms of the simpler source/sink combinators. Not sure.

open SMLofNJ.Cont;
datatype ('a, 'b) chan = Chan of ('a * ('b, 'a) chan) cont;

fun sw x (Chan k) = callcc ( fn k' => throw k (x, Chan k') );

fun rx c = sw () c
fun tx x c = #2 (sw x c)

fun source d =
        val _ = print "source starting\n"
        val d = tx "hel" d
        val d = tx "lo" d
        val d = tx " " d
        val d = tx "world" d
        val d = tx " " d
    in "---" end

fun xduce d u =
        fun xd acc d u =
            let val _ = print "xducer receiving...\n"
                val (x, u) = rx u
                val _ = print ("xducer got (" ^ x ^ ")\n")
                if x = " "
                then xd "" (tx acc d) u
                else xd (acc ^ x) d u
        val _ = print "xduce starting\n"
        xd "" d u

fun takeTwo c = let val _ = print "takeTwo starting\n"
                val (x, c') = rx c
                val (y, c'') = rx c' in x ^ " " ^ y end

(* f : ('a, 'b) chan -> 'x
   g : 'a * ('b, 'a) chan -> 'x
   comp f g : 'x
   (starts with computation in f)
fun ccomp f g =
    callcc (fn k => g (callcc (fn u => throw k (f (Chan u)))));
                                                     (* u : ('a * ('b, 'a) chan) cont *)
                                                (* Chan u : ('a, 'b) chan *)
                                             (* f (Chan u) : 'x *)
                                          (* k : 'x cont *)
                                    (* throw k (f (Chan u)) : _|_ *)
                    (* callcc (fn u => throw k (f (Chan u))) : 'a * ('b, 'a) chan *)

(* f : ('a, 'b) chan -> 'x
   g : ('b, 'a) chan -> 'x
   comp f g : 'x
   (starts with computation in f)
fun comp f g = ccomp f (fn (_,c) => g c);

val n = comp takeTwo (fn d => comp (xduce d) source);

fun alice c = let val _ = print "blah\n" val (x, c) = sw 1 c val (y, c) = sw 2 c in ("alice", x, y) end;
fun bob (p, c) = let val _ = print "blah2\n" val (u, c) = sw (Int.toString p) c val (v, c) = sw (Int.toString u) c in ("bob", Int.toString u, Int.toString v) end;
val z = ccomp alice bob;
Tags: callcc, logic, programming, transducers

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