Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Still really enjoying this Quantum Comp edx course. I love, love, love the 1.5x button that is available on all the videos, (I notice coursera has this too) because I am impatient as heck.

Grover's algorithm is really kind of magical. For some reason it strikes me as such even more so than Shor's. For the time being, I still find Aaronson's arguments about why quantum computers probably won't solve NP pretty compelling, but I sympathize with those that think otherwise, even out of ignorance. It's hard not to have your intuitions jolted around a bit by such phenomena. This right here, to me, as a computer scientist, is the more interesting weird mystery of quantum stuff. By contrast, I've long since given up and pretty much accepted Many-Worlds in my heart, and so all the paradoxes of measurement and so forth are just meh.
Tags: edx, mooc, physics, quantum

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