Jason (jcreed) wrote,

K found out about this Ask Roulette event going on which we went to. It turned out to be really interesting. The format is person A asks person B a question, then person C is randomly selected from audience, person B asks person C a question, person D is randomly selected from audience, person C asks person D question, etc. etc. It's constrained by the fact that only people who submit questions into a random-selection box are eligible to be thrust on stage, so you can still go and watch without being worried that you'll have to participate. The questions asked seemed geared to elicit funny personal stories, and they were much more successful at eliciting such stories than I thought. There was also a dude with a piano who sang little snarky greek-chorus-esque interlude things as people were walking up to and away from the stage.
Tags: ask roulette, performances
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