Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got the stepper motor working!

It works as long as I give it as small as 12ms pulses, which works out to almost a couple of revolutions per second. However iiuc the datasheet's spec of the steps I am supposed to do is in apparent conflict the datasheet's spec of where the coils are. For example, looking at the diagram of the coils, it looks like the RED and BLU wires are driving the same coil in opposite directions, and so should never be low at the same time, but the step chart has them low at the same time during 4. Also empirically following the step chart doesn't work, but doing [RED YEL] [RED BLK] [BLU BLK] [BLU YEL] does work.

Anyway I'm not sure why anything less than about 12ms stutters weirdly. Datasheet also says a max of "300pps" which I take to stand for "pulses per second" probably, which would mean 3.3ms.
Tags: arduino, electronics, motor

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