Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Christmas is only 11 months away! Start shopping for me now:

Here is the webpage describing this big table o' plastic sand-like-stuff:

I would have peed my pants if I had access to one of these things when I was a kid. I not the webpage does not list a price, putting it in the If-You-Have-To-Ask-You-Probably-Can't-Afford-It bin. Sweet videos though.
Tags: rivers

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    Oh jeez Boulet, this is what you casually slap together for a 24-hour comic? Come on, now, you're just showing off. (But seriously it is so cute)

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    I really liked this multiple choice test full of nonsense words that was solveable only on the basis of metagaming the questions. This is not…

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    So Donald Barthelme apparently is back from the dead and writing craigslist missed connections: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/mis/3985247459.html

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