Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Pedestrian Bridge on UW-Madison campus

Walked around UW-madison campus yesterday. It was almost entirely deserted, peaceful, cold. The passageways between buildings were as often as not uniformly concrete, blending into the brutalist buildings themselves. There erupted, out of the sidewalk/street/passage, an occasional weird concrete sculptural element from time to time as well. Lots of new buildings, ones I didn't recognize. Less brutalist, more blandly contemporary-looking. Plaques saying "Constructed 1998". Last time I had been up around here with any frequency was high school, exploiting the university library system through my mom's university affiliation.

Earlier, on the way to campus, I accidentally passed by my dad's design firm's old office building. By "old" I mean that he'd last occupied it probably in the mid-80s. It looked small in the way that buildings do when you saw them last only as a child. The brown railing on the zigzagging wheelchair ramp --- the one I clambered over as if it were a jungle-gym --- used to be painted bright green. Inside that office, in my formative years, I palmed through a book of Pantone color swatches, confused almost to the point of anger that there were so many colors, so many that were almost red but not right. I looked for the most pure and primary red that my stubby fingers could find, and declared that to be the real red.
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