Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Some patches of sunlight today, but quite cold. The subway being down for the whole city is crazy. Traffic is just an unbelievable near-standstill everywhere I've been able to see. It's striking to see how essential public transportation is for this city, for better or worse. Once again I note how phenomenally, stupidly lucky I am in almost every aspect of my situation. Even unemployment feels like a benefit at this point. I don't have a job to get to or to stress out about on top of everything else. Actually, even if I did, I probably could have done it adequately from home.

I had some thoughts about mixing together the first-order aspects of my Intuitionistic Letcc paper with Frank with the Simpson-thesis-inspired soundness proof of labelled classical modal logic. I figure that, as long as first-order terms are also world-labelled, Barcan's formula should fail, and soundness should still hold. Trying to formalize the whole mess better and more incrementally than "you know, a big graph of worlds and stuff" is tricky though. I splatted down about five pages into the TeX buffer before running into some notation-management problems I don't know how to bail myself out of yet.
Tags: logic, math, modal logic, weather

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