Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So apparently shit got very real around here. I heard the gowanus canal flooded Bond St. under a foot or two of water, which is like two blocks from my apartment, albeit two very much downhill and long blocks, so I'm not at risk. I still have power, and my internet is back up after going out last night around 8pm I think. I have lots of food, and drinking water is said to be safe according to the mayor's office's twitter, some weird contrary rumormongering by anons on twitter nonwithstanding. I feel like I should refrain from exact speculation on when the subway/buses are back up, but it smells like the answer is "don't hold your breath". Serious flooding on the subways.

Bloomberg's supposed to being doing an updatey sort of press conference any minute now. Was supposed to start at 10am, still waiting as of 10:35.


Press conference happening. Water supply is still good, some extra chlorination was done just in case. Timetable for bus and subway restoration is still highly uncertain, but the gut-sense Gaussians seem to center on "tomorrowish" for most buses, and "4-5 days" for subway. Serious shit.
Tags: sandy, weather

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