Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Things I have noticed today:
(1) The four disgustingly satisfying chords in the verse of Radiohead's "Exit Music (for a film)" and of "Stairway to Heaven" have the same structure: vi III7 I II. (Am E7/G# C/G D7/F# for stairway, Bm F# D E for exit music)
(2) I am impressed how many people on the internet have transcribed stairway's second chord as a G instead of the E7 that it seems to me like it has to be for the walking bassline to work. Really? Am I crazy and hearing something that isn't there?
(3) Rigging up a tiny nodejs server to watch for local filesystem changes and automatically refresh a webpage whenever you change the css or templates of it every time you save the file is the best thing. I U+2665 small, useful bits of software.
Tags: chords, computers, music

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