Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a bunch more little things ticked off my todo list today, at work, and after.

Had dinner at Sophie's Cuban (warning: stupid autoplaying music) down on Church. Got the standard chicken/rice/beans/plantains to test it out. The Milanesa de Pollo itself was great, not a shitty stringy cut of chicken, tasty breading. Rice and beans were fine. The plantains --- and I didn't think I would ever say this --- were actually a bit overripe for my taste. The texture was creamy and they tasted a little too sweet. Selection of hot sauce also somewhat lacking; it was tabasco or mysterious light green sauce. I really wanted some Crystal. Despite shortcomings, it was awfully tasty and I pretty much stuffed myself.

Tried going by the place that I got glasses at before and asked what my prescription and pupillary distance was, since I felt vaguely inclined to try to get Cheap Internet Glasses. Of course, being the glasses-store-in-bed-with-optometrist deal that they are, they gave me a carbon copy of my script but refused to tell me my PD. I'm not sure they even recorded it. They just kept telling me "you measure that when you buy glasses".

Knocked a few more dollars off a target giftcard I'd got from christmas buying miscellaneous things at target, including a giganto laundry bag big enough to hold my couch cover so I can lug it over to the laundromat tomorrow morning.

Made a dumb mistake of taking the G train the wrong way on the way home. Finally got home. Took a two-hour nap almost entirely by accident. I blame foodcoma.
Tags: errands, food

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