Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Futzed around with stuff at work some more. Finished up a lingering overdue paper review I had promised to do. I remember tom7 talking about how he thought it was funny that he kept getting paper review requests after he officially had left academia and started working at google. I feel a little on the fence about it, but when all's said and done, I think I like maintaining the connection to the familiar, more math-y world that I was recently in. Apart from all that unfortunate business what with publishing companies apparently making money off of free academic labor, the idealized process of free peer review (if coupled with essentially free publication systems, which I can see no reason why we shouldn't have them) is a pretty nice system that leaves me with warm fuzzy feelings in my stomach about scientific collaboration and such.
Tags: math, work

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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