Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Dream last night: pete was living in the apartments on
the intersection of forbes with that street that runs
by mmp and the hill. He wanted to go back there to show
me some piece of evidence that showed that I was really
35 years (rather than a month, as is the case in fact)
younger than he was, based on daylight savings time
or the gregorian calendar switchover or something.
When we got there, they threw him out into the street,
landing him in a puddle of rainwater and mud, face-
down --- they thought he was a parent of a student,
not a resident of the apartment itself. Somehow I
tried to get into the building with a playskool-toy
representation of pete (the kind with the spherical head
and hollow-cylinder body) but realized that the -real-
one was outside, drowning in three inches of sewage.
I went back out, dragged him out of it, and he coughed
himself back into a state of breathing. We went in,
he cursed whatever guard/bouncer type had thrown him
out, and went up the stairs. Somehow the layout of
the building looked like mcgill on the inside at first,
even though that would be physically impossible for the
shape of the building it actually was. Where the RA's
room would have been, there was a woman living there, with
an electronic keyboard the size of an upright piano.
Then there was another apartment, and the one
at the end (which I suddenly realized I was in after
noticing there wasn't any more of the hallway) was
pete's. There were some legos built up on a circular
base covered with lego-knobs --- I asked pete if
every resident got that. (I had seen it in the previous
two apartments) He said yes. Then I woke up.

What? Gnome-town doesn't have a general store to
sell my gems in? Sonofabitch.

Ricercar progress.

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