Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Things going on lately that aren't math:
Last night went to "Brooklyn Boulders" with aleffert, which was interesting. The climbing area was quite big but a bit crowded, and my shoes felt painfully tight. Dunno if my feet have swole up in the last couple years since last I climbed, or just my tolerance for footsqueezing has gone down, or if the rubber shrinks with time, or what. I grumped out of climbing very much, but I discovered they had a slackline which turned out to be fascinating. By the end of the evening I was able to take about two steps before falling off, at a rate of one out of every couple dozen attempts, which felt like great success.

Tonight had dinner with K at kesté down on Bleecker. Really tasty pizza (we split a Prosciutto) and an amazing panna cotta with blueberry sauce.
Tags: food, sprots

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