Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finally got home today after a slightly harrowing journey.

Slightly harrowing only because the flight attendant informed us that we should expect "moderate... what's that? I'm sorry, moderate to severe turbulence. In the event of an emergency landing, remember to leave behind all carry-on items." and I spent the next several days (during which somehow elapsed only 45 minutes on my cell-phone clock) waiting for the terrible turbulence to come (or, like, to see the detached engine-bits careening over the wing, which "severe turbulence" was plainly a euphemism for) and it never actually did. It got a bit wobbly during the final descent, but absolutely no stomach-flipping roller-coaster drops whatsoever, and I've had plenty of flights with those and no advance warning.

Anyway, back in Brooklyn and very happy about it.
Tags: travel

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