Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Feeling kind of stressed out today for no particularly good reason. Had one more pleasant meal (lunch) with chrisamaphone and roseandsigil and flooey.

Also continued with my never-ending quest for the perfect chicken-rice-beans-maduros meal. I tried some pollo al horno at El Nuevo Portal, just down the street from me and somehow I had never noticed it before. The rice and beans were just perfect, enough salt and grease to be really tasty, not too much. The chicken was juicy and delicious, but I think I will always prefer boneless chicken preparations to on-the-bone, because I am lazy and do not care to spend the mental effort to figure out which parts of the chicken are too weird and squiggly to eat. The plantains were all right, but maybe a bit dry and undercooked. Still, $15 for two big meals' worth (I ate about half even though I was quite hungry to start with, and took the other home) is not too bad.
Tags: food, social

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