Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So over the last few years I've accumulated a bunch of data about most of the money moving in and out of my hands, categorized somewhat more coarsely as time went on and I gave up keeping track of, e.g. every last restaurant I went to, but still categorized reasonably much, and dated. Now it's mostly a way of balancing my checkbook at the end of every month going off of whatever .csv file my bank gives me, and I have a perl script to guess categories based on the charge comment string, and I just fill in the unguessed things. Categories are broad like "Food", "Clothing", "Furniture", "Internet bill", etc. Anyway I've been playing around with visualizations for it. Here's one I like, zoomed out so's to preserve the privacy of my own data:

The height of the transactions is proportional to their amount, the color coding is source and target for a few chosen categories. Really I'm just fond of this color scheme, which is a bastardized pastel-ized version of solarized. I've also been using it for my notesfile rendering at work, which is improving morale a lot.
Tags: accounting, graphics

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