Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Man, I don't always lose my shit, but when I do, it's usually because I haven't had enough sleep and my body or brain isn't behaving like I petulantly want it to.

Had one more brief coughing fit last night, after my bladder woke me up around midnight. A Halls seemed to take care of it. Also I located the source of the maddening mysterious clicking sound I'd been hearing for the last few nights. Ironically enough, it was the fault of the fan that I turned on at night for a nice drown-out-stupid-noises white noise source. I had somehow moved it into a position where it was blowing some papers in such a way as to make a almost-but-not-quite-inaudible and almost-but-not-quite-periodic noise. THE WORST. Anyway I slept quite soundly after fixing that.
Tags: sick

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