Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ok, status at 6am is I just woke up from a very anxietyful dream about simrob getting hit by a snowplow near the intersection of Forbes and Murray and trying to call 911 and not getting through.

The apartment is still entirely intact. The only sign of hurricane is the concrete block at the foot of the door leading to the backyard is starting to soak up a little water. But I think I've seen it do that during reasonably heavy rains before. Looking out the front door there's lots of plant debris in the streets, but no obvious flooding that I can discern.


Looking at the radar maps, it looks like the center of the storm is already just south of us, in the middle of Jersey. There's currently not nearly as much rain south of the center compared to north of it. I wonder if that's expected to change as the storm drifts up? Dunno.
Tags: weather

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