Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, wow, I only recently noticed how tightly harmonically structured the middle part of Muse's song Knights of Cydonia (original) is.

Its first 16 bars go like this:
Em Bm C  G
B  C  Eb G
Cm G  Ab Eb
G  Ab Eb G

Notice how similar measures 1-6 are to 9-14: all that's changed is that we've moved down a major third and turned the minor in bar 2 into a major. And measures 7-8 are exactly the same, no transposition, as 15-16. Separately with the exception of measures 7-8, we can see the roots of these chords aligning up the diagonal:
E  B  C  G
B  C  *  *
C  G  Ab Eb
G  Ab Eb G

almost suggesting there is a 3-measure grouping on top of the more easily felt 4.

And then the whole 16-pattern repeats itself down a major third, and then down another.
Tags: music

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