Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Meant to do Just One Quick Thing in supercollider before heading out to breakfast to see if could get the latency lower. I can get the jackd latency down to 11ms (from 41ms) by just making the buffer size smaller, but then it starts skipping and clicking occasionally. Maybe if I sudo it and it gets real-time priorty it might go better.

Anyway, I got sucked back into fiddling around with other stuff for the next hour and a half. I got audio input working from the microphone, and made it so that every MIDI key created a little resonance filter with its own frequency.

This way I can play a chord with the sustain pedal down and then just tap or scrape on my desk where the mic is and the noise from the tapping "plays" that chord. It's really fun to have inert objects suddenly feel like interfaces.
	SynthDef(\orgn, {
		arg freq, amp, gate = 1;
		var i = SoundIn.ar(0);		
		var e = EnvGen.ar(Env.adsr(0.01,0.1, 0.2, 0.2), gate, doneAction: 2);
		Out.ar([0,1], e * 2 * Resonz.ar(i, freq, 0.01) );

Sound: http://soundcloud.com/jcreed/resonance-filter-experiment
Tags: supercollider
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