Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Played with Java reflection stuff at work.
Hah, illusory type-safety. Soon I will be back
to coding sweet, sweet ML.

A little more fred hacking. I realize that the
default externalization behavior for nodes should
-not- try to expand into text. The whole point is
that I should be able to mark up things like
function names (when they occur in actual calls
to the function, say) which should, of course,
expand to only the name.
I do want the -ability- to have node references
that expand to the full text of a node, though,
so I suppose I'll reproduce the hack I used for
numeric nodes, namely tagging the reference with
a special node.

Got "The Turing Option" off bumba for five bucks.
Read about a third of it. It's pretty cheesy
(and the influence of Minksy shows through loud
and clear in the particular flavor of AI jargon!)
but entertaining.

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