Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Another little supercollider experiment. The Artist's Subjective Impression this time is that it is a gang of shy xylophone-whistly-flutey things eventually mustering up some Pachelbel.

The deal is that it buffers up all the notes played during a given measure, and then plays all of them at once at the beginning of the following measure, again an octave down.

The patch is white noise through a pitched resonance filter, with a rather soft-attack envelope.

(var on;
on = NoteOnResponder({ |src, chan, num, veloc| f.value(num); });
q = { on.remove; };)

(SynthDef(\my_osc, {
 |freq = 400|
var amp = 0.8 * EnvGen.kr(Env.adsr(0.1,0.7,0), Line.kr(1,0,0.7), doneAction: 2 );
 Out.ar(0, Splay.ar(Resonz.ar(WhiteNoise.ar(amp), freq, 0.025)));

x = Synth(\my_osc);
t = TempoClock.new();

f = { |z| Synth(\my_osc, [\freq, z.midicps]);  t.play({ Synth(\my_osc, [\freq, (z-12).midicps])}); };

Tags: music, supercollider

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