Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More Supercollider fiddling-around. Sounds like this, something akin to a handful of angry, drunk hornets that can't agree on a tempo.

It's just three drone oscillators that try, with varying degrees of impatience, to match the pitch of the last midi note-on that appeared. Hitting very far apart keys in quick succession was fun. Weeeooooweeeoooweee.

MIDIIn.connect(device: 3);

var on;
on = NoteOnResponder({ |src, chan, num, veloc| f.value(num); });
q = { on.remove; };


(SynthDef(\my_osc, {
 |freq = 400|
 Out.ar(0, Splay.ar(Saw.ar(Lag.kr(freq, 0.05), 0.2) + 
 Saw.ar(Lag.kr(freq, 1.0), 0.2) + Pulse.ar(Lag.kr(freq, 0.2), 10.0, 0.02)));

x = Synth(\my_osc);
f = { |z| x.set(\freq, z.midicps); };
Tags: supercollider

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