Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I tickied some things off my huge 29-item off-the-top-of-my-head things-I-need-todo list. I'm down to about 21. Paid rent, went to the motherfuckin' bank like an adult and deposited some checks, organized some of my paperwork at home, cleaned some things (though not ALL THE THINGS), got some groceries.

Also broke my glasses and immediately replaced them with some shiny* new ones, and because of some buy-one-get-one deal, I will be getting some prescription sunglasses in a week or two as well.

Ran into Kevin (Bierhoff) and Maya on the street while walking home, exchanged contact info and pledged to Totally Hang Out Soon.

*only metaphorically shiny, due to anti-reflective coating.

Played around with supercollider in the evening. Fixed my sustain pedal implementation so it actually works correctly. For a while I had a silly bug due to (effectively) trying to do simultaneous in-place update of, and iteration over, the same collection. It's shit like this, imperative languages. It's shit like this.

Due to (I presume) peculiarities of the hash function buried in the implementation of Set in supercollider, the bug manifested itself while playing an F major chord, and not an E minor. Not often do you get to say that.
Tags: glasses, programming, social, supercollider

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