Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Puttered around the office some more today since my flight was cancelled.

Watched the Erlang Movie (12m) again, since Adam keeps referring to it. So hilariously, scandinavianly, englishly something. "Declarative languages have several advantages over traditional languages..."

Finished "Lamb" yesterday. Great, hilarious, and christmastime-topical book. You know how the New Testament misses almost everything about Christ's life between his infancy and when he, as an adult, began his ministry? "Lamb" fills in the details, told from the POV of Christ's boyhood pal, Levi-who-is-called-Biff. Not above the occasional awful pun or amusingly twisted reference to biblical events. Christopher Moore here is basically an American echo of Pratchett, had Pratchett decided to tell weirdly half-reimagined stories in their original setting instead of transplanting everything allegorically to Discworld. I am biased because I am I think the ideal audience for the book; a nonbeliever* who nonetheless was raised Christian enough to catch most of the references. (9/10)

*although I have to imagine a sufficiently detached believer would probably also enjoy it
Tags: books, travel, videos, work
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